Progress Update on The Presence of Painting

Progress Update on The Presence of Painting

The John Lewis painting project entitled The Presence of Painting is progressing very well and our members are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Members have been continuing to explore different tactile, conversational and symbolic creative techniques connected with both physical and emotional making during the project. The most recent sessions have included discussing colour theory, using tactile techniques through cling film pattern making and exploring sense of place through experimental / mixed-media landscape and forest painting with inks. This most recent work in particular, has been referencing natural environments that are particularly personal to members, and also Sherwood Forest - as Nottingham will be the first location of the exhibition.

We also have some new artist easels at CCP which have proven fantastic in improving the accessibility of the workshops for all members, and have also been key in creating an exciting display of the member's work in the communal area. This has acted as a type of pop-up exhibition in progress, that has caught the member's attention and opened up creative conversations with visitors.

We are so impressed with the developments and are very excited about seeing the final phases of this amazing project.


triptych painting 1 triptych painting 2 triptych painting 3 triptych painting 4

triptych painting 5 

triptych painting 6 triptych painting 7

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