Dementia Therapy Programmes at Chelsea Court Place

The innovative curriculum comprises five programmes, developed with leading dementia experts, therapists and researchers:

A programme designed to stimulate the mind, memory and the senses; starting meaningful conversations and connections. The activities in the Senses and Sensory programme are curated to trigger memories, foster engagement and improve confidence for individuals with early stages of cognitive impairment.

Members will be able to participate in storytelling using archival items from Boots UK, and join textile
workshops, led by our resident fashion expert, offering ‘Dressing Room’ sessions where participants handle and discuss fabrics and accessories from different eras.

• Boots archive – storytelling
• Fashion through the ages – textile sensory
• Sense stimulation – activities surrounding taste, touch, hearing, seeing and smelling

These sessions focus on new learning including languages, interactive games and puzzles, and incorporate the latest technology and expert tuition. iPad technology and specially designed apps are used to provide ‘brain training’ exercises, gaming, and language tuition, tailored to the interests of each individual. 

  • Mind Gym - puzzles & quizzes
  • Politics Club – debates and daily paper review
  • The IT Club  – apps, coding, internet and IT skills
  • Japanese and French lessons


Studies have found that discussing and making art increases attention, improves mood and enhances meaningful conversation in people living with dementia.

The Arts & Culture programme encompasses a broad mix of activities to engage individual tastes, preferences and interests. The in-house art gallery brings high quality art showcases the latest creations and masterpieces produced by its members.

  • Piano Lessons
  • Artist in Residence – leading tutorials and discussions with members
  • Art Making
  • Singing lessons
  • Music and Movement – interactive performances with dance and music from different cultures
  • Excursions to the ballet, opera, galleries, sporting events and local fairs

Keeping the body active is of vital importance for seniors; helping to improve confidence and strength as well as keeping the heart, muscles and bones in optimum health. Exercise also helps blood flow to the brain which helps to boost mental alertness and concentration. The Eldergym programme features enjoyable gentle exercise to activate cardio fitness and strength.

• Tai Chi
• Indoor Bowls
• Zumba
• Stretch and flex – yoga
• Ballet – barre fitness

Good nutrition is an integral factor in maintaining good health and wellbeing, having the ability to improve the individual’s quality of life and minimize fatigue and depletion of strength.

Members will be offered the opportunity to prepare and taste food and drink guided by the in-house chefs and culinary arts team.

• Cooking demonstrations
• Baking Classes – bread, cakes and biscuit challenges
• Wine tasting by top sommeliers
• Cocktail & mocktail masterclasses – how to mix, stir, shake and enjoy
• Sushi making to complement the Japanese lessons